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Course Description

The CIPM program was developed by the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP), which is the world’s largest comprehensive global information privacy community and resource. The CIPM certification also holds accreditation under ISO 17024: 2012.

These instructor-led training sessions are beneficial for persons who plan to certify or just want to deepen your privacy knowledge. And, in the ever-changing privacy environment, as new legislation such as the GDPR and the CCPA comes along, you will be fully prepared.

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Upcoming Trainings

Territory Date Time Location Training mode
Jamaica May 7-8, 2024 10:00 am Kingston In-Person <Enroll
Bermuda March 19-22, 2024 10:00 am Online Live Online <Enroll
Bermuda April 18-19, 2024 10:00 am Hamilton In-Person <Enroll
Bermuda Privacy Officer Training Bundle (April, 2024)   Hamilton In-Person <Enroll
Territory Jamaica
Date May 7-8, 2024
Time 10:00 am
Location Kingston
Training mode In-Person
Territory Bermuda
Date March 19-22, 2024
Time 10:00 am
Location Online
Training mode In-Person
Territory Bermuda
Date April 18-19, 2024
Time 10:00 am
Location Hamilton
Training mode In-Person
Territory Bermuda
Date Privacy Officer Training Bundle (April, 2024)
Location Hamilton
Training mode In-Person

What will you learn

  • Module 1: Introduction to privacy program management
  • Module 2: Privacy governance
  • Module 3: Applicable laws and regulations
  • Module 4: Data assessments
  • Module 5: Policies
  • Module 6: Data subject rights
  • Module 7: Training and awareness
  • Module 8: Protecting personal information
  • Module 9: Data breach incident plans
  • Module 10: Measuring, monitoring and auditing program performance

Who should attend?

  • Data Protection Officers
  • Data Protection Managers
  • Auditors
  • Legal Compliance Officers
  • Security Manager
  • Information Managers
  • Anyone involved with data protection processes and programs

What comes with registration?

Once registered for this course, participants will also be registered as an official member of the IAPP and receive official members access to the training/course material for the CIPM exam and an exam voucher in order to register for the exam. This course will prepare persons to sit the CIPM exam and have a comprehensive understanding of privacy in an organization and how to manage it.

Why organizations should implement training?

  • Comply with GDPR requirements
  • Avoid penalties up to 20 million euros (25 million USD) or 4% of global revenues
  • Improve the way your entire organization handles data
  • Reduce risk of a data breach
  • Build privacy policies to make your organization more cost-effective
  • Demonstrate accountability and due diligence
  • Foster customer confidence

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