Assessing your risks and controls is the first step to understanding what goes where

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Risk and Compliance

Through partnership with management and third-parties, we collaborate with organizations to achieve and maintain compliance with regulatory requirements. We assist clients in taking a responsible and comprehensive approach to managing organizational risks. This is accomplished through a combination of assessments, process improvement and model reviews and validation.

IT Security and Control

We work with executives and middle management to ensure that their organizations maximize returns on information systems investments while simultaneously minimizing risk. Our approach encompasses the use of strong IT governance frameworks and ensures alignment of IT with business strategy.

IT Audit and Assurance

We work with audit executives, management and audit committees to assist with internal audit activities. This may include working with an existing internal audit process when the organization does not have the adequate staff or skills in-house. We also provide monitoring and control services to help you identify areas for improvement within your business processes.

Finance and Accounting

One of our core functions is aiding financial officers, executives and managers to strengthen the functions of the finance department and integrate risk considerations into their management activities. We also assist our clients in managing the complexities of financial operations inclusive of the selection and implementation of relevant software tools.

We serve over 150 clients spanning major business sectors across the Caribbean

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