Cost Optimization vs Cost Cutting

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Best Practices: For ensuring PCI Compliance

Identify compliance deficiencies and provide recommendations to achieve and verify compliance based on the 12 PCI DSS requirements and security assessment procedures in order to avoid broad regulatory actions. 


The Role of Technology: Battling Financial Crime

Once a financial institution has made the decision to adopt a risk-based approach and adopt analytics and technology to support its compliance program, the next hurdle is finding the right solution.


Solution Selection a 3 phased approach

Justify, Select and Implement. Implementing the wrong solution can be very costly to your organization. Without adequate assessment of your current state you it becomes increasingly difficult to materialize a future state.


Data Protection: An approach to Privacy

Privacy is the right to be left alone, or freedom from interference or intrusion. Due to advancement in technological innovation, information privacy is becoming more complex by the minute as more data is being collected and exchanged.


Data Analytics improving business

Data Analytics is the process of extracting meaning from raw data using computer software. This process transforms organizes and models data to extract meaningful conclusions and identify patterns.


IT Audit: Evolve and stay in the game

With increased focus on cyber-security and consequently efforts by enterprises to ensure resilience against cyber-attacks and data breaches, it is critical that IT audit techniques evolve to ensure its continued importance and effectiveness as an independent assessor of an organisation’s control environment.


Balancing Privacy & Digitization

With the news of privacy violations on large socialplatforms and the new regulations coming from the European Union (EU) – The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), how companies use data and the laws protecting consumers is in the forefront of many person’s minds.


Governance A Tool For Growth

Discuss the impact of corporate governance on performance and organizational growth. Governance ensures that the target is clear and an adequate infrastructure is in place to sustain continuous movement towards target state.


Can your company survive a modern day Cyber-Attack

Cyber-security is becoming a fundamental requirement for every business organization worldwide. We are all susceptible to this new frontier of crime and it is our responsibility to be prepared.