People and Culture Executive

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Symptai Consulting Ltd

Type of Job

Full Time

Published Date

26 July 2021, 1:00:00 pm

About the job

The People and Cultural Executive will play a significant role in the end-to-end execution of the recruitment and selection process to identify suitable individuals to be a part of Tier 1 Financial Knowledge Process Outsourcing Project. The People and Culture Executive will also work with the People and Culture External Consultant, the Director of Business Development and Culture, and the CEO to provide support in the absence of the People and Culture Manager to ensure the continuity of key projects relating to the implementation and execution of Symptai's culture program and strategies focused on enabling our people to create an engaging high performing work culture to deliver world class results.

Requirements and Qualifications

  • B.Sc. or certification in related field required

  • 2 – 4 years’ Human Resources experience required 

  • Job experience relating to Human Resources, recruitment and development of organizational  culture. 

  • Highly skilled communicator 

  • Takes pride in creating engaging workplace cultures and environments for staff at all levels and  from varied backgrounds 

  • Team player who enjoys building, creating, and executing new strategies 

  • Trustworthy in managing sensitive situations and information; ability to be discrete,  professional, and possess excellent judgement.  

  • Detail oriented and compliance-minded


Phase 1 

  • Collaborate with the Product Manager, Tier 1 Financial Services team members and the Director  of Research and Engagement to successfully recruit and select an adequate talent pool of  individuals to fill 8 roles within the stipulated time frame (Project Bolt). 

  • Complete the recruitment and selection process for outstanding internal vacancies.  

  • Conduct the successful orientation and onboarding process of all new hires.

Phase 2 

  • Collaborate with the CEO and to launch and maintain the execution of the Leadership  Development Program that combines technical and interpersonal training aligned with strategy  and culture. 

  • Collaborate with the and People Culture External Consultant on the assessment of the  Leadership Development Program 

  • Collaborate with the CEO and People Culture External Consultant to create a framework for  learning and development of Symptai employees . 

  • To identify training programs in Business Communications and soft skill development that can  be incorporated into a learning and development program. 

  • Oversee and monitor the administration of the learning and development program  

  • Collaborate with CEO to integrate ELI Assessments and Enneagrams to create profiles that will serve as a framework to conduct O3’s and incorporate with OfficeVibe to create a feedback  loop.  

  • Monitor and oversee a virtual space (e.g. Yammer, Slack, OfficeVibe) for consistent  communication of cultural values and strategic plans and maintain feedback loops.

  • Facilitate open and transparent communication across virtual platforms  

  • Ensure that communication channels surrounding performance excellence and employee  engagement remain consistent and effective 

  • Oversee the diversity equity and inclusion initiatives to include repository of resources, the  maintenance of open dialogue, addressing issues and facilitating resolution 

  • Provide support to the CEO in establishing and continuing a structured forum for discussion  among the men of Symptai to promote awareness of differences and possible biases

  • Organize a series of forums where both groups can engage in open, respectful conversations  surrounding diversity 

  • Collaborate with CEO to conduct a culture audit review

  • Re-engage and identify values that align with future cultural values 

  • Facilitate the process of reward and recognition through non-monetary means (Blink Sky) 

  • Organize and lead monthly staff meetings

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