Demystifying Data Privacy Thursday July 11th | 8:00AM

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About The Event

According to research, digital transformation is increasing the need for data privacy professionals to be strategic advisors to the business, demanding and enforcing protections for customers and their data. How do you compare? The rapid pace of digital business evolution means that organizations must be continuously adapting their business and operating models in order to meet both customer expectations and regulatory compliance. Mastering privacy and creating trusted digital connections is an urgent imperative for businesses. Attend the Demystifying Data Privacy Workshop to get a practical look at how you can move the needle on privacy initiatives in your organization that will yield significant returns for the business.

Workshop Agenda

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Event Introductions

Explains the domain of data and privacy. Why privacy is such a growing concern. Speaks about current and upcoming privacy regulatory compliance frameworks. Explore the cost of non-compliance versus compliance.

Discuss the challenges involved with becoming compliant. The panel will have parties from multiple domains within a business. The discussion will cover the question areas from attendee pre-attendance survey.

Present the roles and responsibilities of a Data Privacy Officer versus that of a Compliance Officer.

Workshop Break

Participants will work on case studies to identify privacy risks. They will then identify some possible controls. Groups may use the case studies provided or use their own.

Gather reviews on the effectiveness of the workshop and share learning and insight with attendees.


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Grace Lindo CIPP-E


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R. Jason Cronk

Author of 'Strategic Privacy by Design'

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Alicia Perez


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Rory Ebanks


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Andrew Nooks


Event Venue

The Courtleigh Hotel and Suites
85 Knutsford Boulevard,
Kingston 5