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Symptai Cyber Challenge: CipherClaus

What is CyberRecon: CipherClaus

CyberRecon - CipherClaus is a Jeopardy-style CTF hosted by Symptai Consulting Limited. Participants will have 120 hours to solve ten reverse engineering and cryptography challenges themed around the holiday season. The challenges will vary in difficulty, requiring a beginner to an intermediate level understanding of reverse engineering and cryptography. Dominate each challenge by being the first to submit flags, as flags submitted will be worth 15% less in points.

What is CTF

Capture The Flag (CTF) competitions are competitive hacking events where participants use cybersecurity tools and techniques to find “flags” and obtain the highest score. In cybersecurity-themed CTF competitions, flags are usually random strings embedded in the challenges. Participating in CTFs is can be worthwhile as they help develop the essential skills required to follow a career path in cybersecurity.

CyberRecon 2021

Friday December 17, 7pm - Wednesday December 22, 7pm (120 hours)

The competition is not open to teams.

Platform: Discord


The reverse engineering challenges:

  • Source Code Reverse Engineering

  • Unix Binaries Reverse Engineering

  • Windows Binaries Reverse Engineering

The Cryptography challenges:

  • AES challenge(s)

  • RSA challenge(s)

  • Rotation Cipher challenge(s)

  • Substitution Cipher challenge(s)


  • Age 18 – 55 years (younger than 18 would require parental consent)

  • Individual Participation (No Teams)

  • A Discord account is required - Create Account

  • Required Skills:

    • Research Skills

    • Basic Cryptography Skills

    • Basic Reverse Engineering Skills

    • Understanding basic penetration testing concepts

    • Creative Thinking, Critical Thinking and Analytical Skills

*Don't exactly meet these criteria but really want to challenge yourself? You 100% can participate but will not be eligible for prizes. Conditions Apply!


1st place – $200 USD Amazon gift card, eJPT exam voucher (or equivalent), 1 year TryHackMe subscription 

2nd place – $100 USD Amazon gift card, eJPT exam voucher (or equivalent), 1 year TryHackMe subscription

3rd place – $50 USD Amazon gift card, 6 month TryHackMe subscription


  • Points allocation will be DYNAMIC

  • DDoS attacks are strictly prohibited. 

  • Team sizes are limited to 1 participant.

  • Do not post write-ups until the CTF is over.

  • Posting flags in any channel is strictly prohibited. 

  • Submit all flags to the submission bot via direct message.

  • Collaboration between competing participants is not allowed.

  • Do not attack the CTF hosting Infrastructure. (Bots, Discord)  

  • Please do not share links for pirated software, books or tools.

  • Symptai reserves all the rights to modify and introduce new rules at the time of CTF according to the situation.

© 2021 by Symptai Consulting Ltd. 

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