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Position: Cyber Security Analyst

March 1st, 2023


Department: Cybersecurity Services 

Reports to: Director, Cybersecurity Services 

Cultural Context: Symptai Consulting is a lean and spirited technology consulting organization committed to  helping clients resolve some of their most mission critical business challenges. Each member of the team is  engaged in meaningful work which motivates them to show up with their unique contribution in a bold and  purposeful way every day. Our core values of integrity, candour and respect underpin the way we operate  with each other, our clients, and our partners. 

Job Summary: The Cyber Security Analyst will conduct Information Security Assessment against Symptai  Cyber Methodology and leading practice frameworks and common standards, conduct attack and  penetration on infrastructure, network, and application reviews. The Analyst will also evaluate and analyze  threat, vulnerability, impact, and risk to security issues discovered from security assessments. 


  • + Grow revenues by improving brand awareness and positioning Symptai as a thought leader  on critical trends in Cyber Security. 

  • + Educate the market about Symptai’s core value offerings through multiple collateral offerings  such as e-books, webinars, demos, white-papers, workshops, presentations, and technical blogs  to support lead generation and thought leadership. 

  • + Support Business Development and other Business Unit activities that identify market opportunities and service expansion by contributing content and expertise. 

  • + Help in business development activities through technical writing and reviews on RFIs and RFPs,  representing our unit in customer meetings, contributing to marketing materials, and providing  input to internal research and development projects. 

  • + Support the various Business Units of the company professionally and personally. + Perform routine reporting if any security issues are found. 

  • + Log issues found during testing in the relevant software. 

  • + Write and generate security reports for clients providing details such as; implications, recommendations, proof of concept steps, risk category, overall risk rating, screenshots, etc. + Perform security training for the wider teams on how to integrate and appreciate security throughout the development lifecycle. 

  • + Define and promote enterprise software engineering and DevSecOps standards, practices,  and behaviours. 

  • + Conduct Information Security Assessment against Symptai Cyber Methodology and leading  practice frameworks and common standards. 

  • + Conduct attack and penetration on infrastructure, network, and application reviews. + Evaluate and analyze threat, vulnerability, impact, and risk to security issues discovered from  security assessments. 

  • + Advise clients on the IT security issues, including explanation on the technical details and how  they can remediate the vulnerabilities in the systems. 

  • + Establish and maintain effective working relationships with colleagues, existing clients, and  prospective client organizations. 

  • + Support design, development, and implementation of Cyber business operating models, including vision and strategy, business processes, organizational and governance structures,  supporting tools and templates, and performance metrics within. 

  • + Promote a Security conscious culture in our clients and within Symptai environment. + Help clients achieve the benefits that Application Security, DevSecOps, and a Shift Security  Left methodology can offer. 

  • + Assist with the design, development, and rollout of Application Security programs, capabilities,  and practices that typically involve the integration of security into building automation,  deployment automation, test automation, SDLC orchestration, environment management,  monitoring, metrics, dashboards, and production release procedures. 

  • + Drive adoption of relevant Secure Application Development principles, tools, and practices to  help clients achieve higher levels of maturity. 

  • + Attend and participate in daily stand-ups and weekly team meetings. 

  • + Articulate and defend IT controls testing approach and perform test of design and operating  effectiveness. 

  • + Drive the design, implementation, and optimization of technical security solutions for Cyber  business units. 

  • + Interact with security professionals around the world to consult on systems and network architecture for both cloud and on-premises designs. 

  • + Supporting delivery of security offerings related to cloud security, including security governance (security policies and procedures), security strategy (security planning), risk (risk  assessments and management), cloud data protection (classification, encryption, tokenization),  cloud-based identity and access management, technology/provider specific cloud architecture  and monitoring/analytics for and in the cloud. 

  • + Leverage experience and expertise to work with clients and solve complex problems (i.e.,  efficiency, security, cost, velocity, innovation, and relevance). 

  • + Evaluate new / emerging security products and technologies and make recommendations to  customer leadership regarding the security impact and value to the organization. + Collaborate across the ecosystem to engage with the appropriate SMEs for solution inputs/  outputs as needed (consulting/ transformation, delivery/ operations, pricing performance,  proposal response, etc.) 

  • + Establish and document best practice procedures for security research and development. + Lead by example through following established practices and strongly encourage others to do  so as well. 

Requirements and Qualifications 

  • • 3-5 years’ experience in supporting desktop and server environments. 

  • • BSc. in Computing, Engineering, or a similar discipline is preferred. 

  • • Certifications from CompTIA, Cisco or Microsoft are desirable and considered an asset. • Excellent customer service attitude 

  • • Responsible, accountable and takes initiative. 

  • • Clear written and oral communication 

  • • Proficient time management skills 

  • • Strong individual performer comfortable working in a team setting 

  • • High attention to detail in planning, reporting and execution of assigned work. • Must be able to work in a fast-paced environment that is consistently evolving.

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