Social Engineering Penetration Test

We execute controlled social engineering attacks on your staff to test your company’s level of human vulnerability. This provides you with information about how an intruder could inveigle employees into disclosing sensitive information. These tests vary between on-site and off-site attacks to assess the integrity of your security posture. 


Phishing as a Service

We provide simulated real-world phishing campaigns that effectively identify your security readiness as well as offer up to date recommendations based on industry standards. Symptai Phishing as a Service (PhaaSis a security awareness program for all employees of the organization. With PhaaSSymptai periodically sends phishing emails to employees and monitors the employees' ability to recognize phishing emails over time. 

To safeguard the anonymity of the employees, click rates are aggregated and reported back to the organization on a department or country level. In addition, during the test, no sensitive data leaves the organization security perimeter. Indeed, the phishing campaigns, and specifically the payloads, attachments, and landing pages are harmless and do not contain any malware. We also train employees how to recognize phishing emails and how to react. 


Vishing as a Service

Vishing is the use of telephone to scam the end user into providing private information. Vishing attempts are difficult to monitor and trace, and attackers are increasingly leveraging this mechanism to extract information and compromise organizations.  Unfortunately, employees in customer service, sales and HR departments are highly vulnerable to these types of attacks without a proper training and awareness program. We provide simulated real-world vishing campaigns that effectively identify your security readiness as well as offer up to date recommendations based on industry standards. 

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