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Our approach to each project allows us to provide solutions to our clients based on their unique needs, ensuring that they achieve their organizational goals.

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COBIT Transformation

Control Objectives for Information and related Technology (COBIT) is regarded as the world’s leading enterprise governance framework. Enterprise architecture recognizes that the organization is a system and the cross-cutting concerns must first be addressed at the overall level, i.e., the enterprise. It recognizes that one cannot solve every detailed problem at once. Effective ways to deconstruct the problem must be found. Focusing on business capabilities that support business strategy first, then delving into the design of those capabilities, forms an effective way to consider people, process and technology together.  

We ensure that through governance, enterprise objectives are achieved by evaluating stakeholder needs, conditions and options; setting direction through prioritization and decision making; and monitoring performance, compliance and processes against agreed-on direction and objectives. 


Digital Transformation

Companies seeking to benefit from digital transformation make one critical mistake in implementing their digital transformation strategy: failing to recognize that digital transformation is more of a leadership challenge than a technical one. Symptai provides a framework to effectively lead your organization into the digital future.  

Beyond simply bringing in new technology or increasing efficiency, it means "new ways of solving problems, of creating unique experiences for customers and employees, and of accelerating business performance." Companies ahead of the curve make their digital vision "actionable and measurable." 


Middleware Development

Symptai delivers efficient middleware solutions that provide a functional and productive Application Program Interface (API) to streamline data exchange and interaction between the operating system, disparate software modules, databases, network services, hardware components and user apps. 

Middleware being a special software layer with a custom-built functional set of APIs helps tie together disparate applications and bridge the gap with the legacies at a fraction of the cost of renovating the whole corporate IT landscape. Mixed platforms will no longer stem the tide, as middleware development is a sensible solution to manage diversity rather than fight technology restraints. 

Symptai with its first-class engineering talent, and their peerless expertise in low-level programming and enterprise class software, is at your service to help you bridge the disjoint — anywhere between the hardware and the kernel of the system or the user app. 


EIM - Enterprise Information Management

We focus on developing a comprehensive framework and effective road map for iterative and incremental implementation of an enterprise approach to information management. This approach will lead to accurate, consistent, secure, and transparent access to data that flows seamlessly and continuously throughout the enterprise. We help to align the vision and strategy of EIM to obtain the consensus among business and IT on the meaning of information managementthe problems EIM will address and the value it will bring to the enterprise. 

We provide guidance in the decisions to make when establishing the EIM infrastructure: 

  • Selecting standards and best practices using existing or new tools and technologies to implement information services 
  • Procuring tools that allow data assets to be more widely available 
  • Acquiring resources that enable business intelligence and near real time dashboards for more effective and intelligent business operations 

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Our approach to each project allows us to provide solutions to our clients based on their unique needs, ensuring that they achieve their organizational goals.

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