Our Solutions

IT Audit and Assurance

We work with audit executives, management and audit committees to assist with internal audit activities. This may include working with an existing internal audit process when the organization does not have the adequate staff or skills in-house. We also provide monitoring and control services to help you identify areas for improvement within your business processes.

Expert Resources

We provide organizations with technical and expert resources they require on-demand, without the need to hire full-time staff. From IT to security audits, our competent staff will fill the labour gap and provide you with information crucial to the decision-making process in your organization.

Technology Integration

Integrating new technology in your organization can be a challenging task. We work with your teams – whether internal or 3rd parties – to aid in streamlining new technology into your business processes and assimilate members of staff to the changes.

Internal Auditing

We evaluate the conformance of your current practices to the IPPF standards for Internal Auditing. In addition we propose recommendations to improve internal audit performance and services based on the opportunities we have identified.

Our Services

Cost Reduction

Having done a risk and controls assessment of your organization, by rationalizing these findings we make value propositions that will aid in cost reduction. This can be achieved by implementing risk-based testing in conjunction with other methods.

Risk and Controls Assessment

We assess your organization for risks and their corresponding controls, as well as identify those which are not currently being monitored. Based on our evaluations, we suggest mechanisms that will result in the improvement of internal controls.

IT Auditing and Control

We provide numerous a services ranging from verifying compliance to specific regulations or standards to post-implementation reviews. We will analyse governance practices, quality manuals and/or organizational structure to ascertain whether your organization is operating in a compliant and efficient manner.

Data Mining and Analysis

We utilize various tools to help you get more from your data. Our analytics are tailored to suit your needs, enabling you to make better and more informed business decisions. We will also implement remediation processes for issues identified.