Our Solutions

Finance and Accounting

One of our core functions is aiding financial officers, executives and managers to strengthen the functions of the finance department and integrate risk considerations into their management activities. We also assist our clients in managing the complexities of financial operations inclusive of the selection and implementation of relevant software tools.

Business Compliance

We take a results-oriented approach to business compliance; ensuring that business operations adhere to the rules of the regulatory body while minimizing risk exposure. We also assist companies in generating the reports required to submit to their respective regulatory bodies.

Risk Management

We ensure that risk is appropriately considered in the strategy development process and that it is also integrated into performance management. Our strategies are formulated with the intention of limiting exposure to financial restatements and other costly non-routine situations.

Business Performance

We work with our clients to develop strategies and process models that will optimize financial and operational efficiency and effectiveness. We will also devise a suite of technology products that will enable you to continuously monitor business performance.

Our Services

Integrated Business Planning and Deployment

We work alongside management to craft, plan and execute projects that will achieve your organization’s goals, effectively delivering a roadmap to success. We will also assist in the implementation of the requisite technological tools to achieve the desired outcomes while monitoring our progress along the way.

Enterprise Risk Assessment and Management

We assess your organization for risks and any mechanisms used to mitigate their effects, as well as identify those for which there are currently no contingencies established. Based on our evaluations, we suggest frameworks that will result in the improvement of risk management within the organization.

Targeted Process Improvement

The main objective of targeted process improvement is to enhance your customer experience while optimizing operational efficiency. This includes reducing transaction processing time, minimizing errors and associated costs.

Integrated Measurement and Monitoring

We assist companies in monitoring business performance across processes and implementing frameworks to address the noted deficiencies. We also perform pre and post-implementation evaluations in an effort to more effectively determine the impact of business activities.